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Bespoke Tricycles offers a range of possible branding options to suit the needs of your tricycle. We are able to offer a range of competitively priced branding options printed on durable, long lasting and easy to apply vinyl.

Our pre-designed graphics (pictured) have been a popular choice among Ice cream vendors this year and now for a small additional fee we are able to off this classic design along with your own trading name or slogan on two panels (Option 2).


Alternatively, we can produce a fully customised vinyl wrap (similar to our Selfridges & Co tricycles) that incorporates your own design and graphics (Option 3). Please see our branding option below and displayed images for further details:

Option 1: Classic ‘Traditional Ice Cream’ graphic – 4 panels with ‘Stop Me and Buy One!’ printed on both ends (available in blue, green, red and brown). £200

Option 2: Classic ‘Ice Cream’ graphic - 4 panels with customised wording on two sides along with ‘Stop Me and Buy One!’ written on both ends (available in blue, green, red and brown). £250

Option 3: Fully Custom Graphic. We are able to print a graphic of your own design and layout provided that all images sent to us are *vector images. Your graphics and layout must be pre-determined and sent to us on a word document.  £300

All prices include FREE UK Delivery

*vector images are typically clip art images that do not distort when rescaled. Please check that the images you incorporate into your design (Option 3) are vector images.

The prices displayed here are for a freezer/ display box no wider than 100cm, no deeper than 65cm and no taller than 90cm. Sizes large than this will  incur an additional charge. Please double check and send us the precise size of the area you wish the vinyl to cover.

Please note your delivered graphic will be a minimum of 2cms larger (from the side edges) to allow for a slight overlap for each panel.



Some examples of our fully custom graphics (Option 3).
Please email us directly to discuss your requirements further.
Just some of our fantastic customers