Lift BIG in small spaces... Our UK Patented wall mounted folding squat rack is designed for maximum space and efficiency, this folding squat rack can be folded against the wall to take up minimal space. It is made with 70 x 70 x 3mm steel box section and is capable of handling big weights. To fold, simply push the free- standing columns upwards and insert the two safety pins. This is both quick and easy to do and won't hold up your workouts!Great for Home or Commercial use.These squat stands fix to the wall and can be folded in against the wall after use so take up very little space when not in use. Unfolded dimentions: Width - 128cm, Height - 179cm, Depth - 41cm Folded dimentions: Width - 128cm, Height (from the floor) - 207cm, Depth 13cm. Multiple racking points mean that it can easily be used for a whole range of movementsalongside a bench, without having to readjust and reinsert 'J' hooks. Perfect for squats (for people up to 6ft 5in), incline, deline bench press. Designed to be mounted on to both brick/ concrete or stud partition wall! Whether it’s a garage gym, basement or open-concept facility, this retractable power rack allows your space to serve all of its intended functions without sacrifice.Two lock pins secure the hinge design to create a stable, safe base you can trust to shoulder the weight of every PR attempt. Avaliable in Raw Metal or Powdercoated Black (as shown in photos above).

Folding Squat Rack Wall Mounted

    • With one of the smallest folded and unfolded footprints on the market, this rack offers a full range of workouts in spaces that have a minimum ceiling height of 207cm.
    • Easy storage without disassembly.
    • Multiple Racking Points so you can move from squat to decline to incline and back again, without having to reinsert 'J' hooks every time! Thus making workout much more efficient.
    • Constructed from heavy duty 3"x3' steel boxing with stength and durability in mind.
    • Folds flat (13cm from the wall) thus allowing you to use your space for other means for the rest of the time.
    • Powdercoated for durabity.
    • Weight capacity 300KG