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Buffalo Racks and Bespoke Tricycles help you lift BIG in small spaces.


During the lockdown period we turned our fabrication experience and knowledge towards to fitness industry, whereby we designed an manufactured a unique and affordable squat rack. We only have a few of these left stock should you like to buy one. 


The heavy duty steel frame folds quickly and effectively from the wall whilst in its functioning position allows the user to move effortlessly from one range of movement to another without having to adjust awkward 'J-cups' and brackets every step of the way.


Our patented design not only allow for quick and efficient storage, but with it's multiple racking positions allow you and unlimited range of workouts in even the smallest of spaces


Made and stocked in the UK

Our unique and patented wall mounted folding squat rack is manufactured right here in Sheffield, UK using only the best quality Steel and Craftsmenship.

All of our orders are fulfilled by ourselves, direct from our Sheffield workshop.



Multiple Racking Positions

Move from Squats to Bench press and back again without having to re-adjust or move awkward 'J' cups.

Compact Design

With one of the smallest functional footprints around our racks will free-up valuable space for other equipment or workout routines.

Stores 13cm from Wall

Stores easiliy and efficiently just 13cm from the wall (min 207cm ceiling height requred)

Secure Locking Mechanism

Our dual safety pins allow the rack to be stored easily and safely out of reach from children.

Home Gym Heroes...

Wall Fastening

Our Foldable squat racks can be secured and fastened to brick, concrete or stud walls. Each rack comes with the complete fitting set for either situation (screws, washers and wall plugs plugs should you require them.

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