Britons currently collectively spend £122m a week on their take-away coffee fix, with each coffee drinker spending £393 each year and £15,725 throughout their entire lifetime (The Huffington Post, 2015).

Drinking coffee is embedded in many people daily life and as such has become one of the most popular products to be sold and traded in the UK, as well as the world. With our coffee trikes you can capitalise on people who want to grab a coffee on the go.


Whether walking between shops or on a busy lunch break, the mobility of a coffee trike allows you to put your tricycle wherever the demand is.


By positioning it near a train station for the morning rush-hour, outside a large office at lunchtime or near a park on a crisp winters weekend morning; this mobile coffee bike provides a lucrative and flexible business opportunity.


With one of our beautifully handcrafted mobile coffee trikes you’ll be able to offer coffee at almost any location or event you can think of. It’s a stand-out investment allowing you to draw in a crowd, in a friendly, quirky and super-ethical manner. Our tricycles began as ice cream tricycles, but the possibilities are endless and coffee tricycles have proven to be very popular at markets, fates and various other events!

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